Caprese Panini

As you know, when I cook my goal is to make healthy and delicious dishes that have a nice balance of (usually hidden) vegetables to help bulk up or enhance the flavors of their indulgent counterparts. Every now and then, my husband and I will have a splurge dinner that involves amazing bread and different oils and aged vinegars. Occasionally we will add some fresh mozzarella and tomato to the mix so it feels slightly more well rounded.

This recipe is the tale of what happens the night after.
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The good salad

You know you’ve made some strides when your husband asks if you’re having “the good salad” for dinner. “The good salad” refers to my version of a chef/cobb salad (not really sure exactly where it falls). It’s a hearty, but healthy salad perfect for lunch or even dinner. It’s really simple to put together, but I have heard a lot of people lately say that they can’t get excited about salad as a main meal. So if you are one of those (or married to one of those) you should try this.

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(Mostly) Vegetable Hash

Sometimes all it takes is one ingredient to spark inspiration for a new recipe. One ingredient that sets your mind in motion– thinking about flavor profiles, seasoning, and answering the inevitable question “do I have everything in my fridge create this tonight?” Usually this inner dialogue happens to me on my way home from work and when I have the right key ingredient it’s an exciting thought process that leaves me so excited to get into the kitchen.

This week’s inspiring key ingredient: Teeny Tiny Potatoes from Trader Joe’s. They are exactly as adorable as they sound and inspired me to use them as the centerpiece of a (mostly) vegetable hash.

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