Who’s Mich? And what’s a Mich Dish?

Food has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I loved eating and trying new foods. For my 18th birthday, my parents bought me a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. With the help of Food Network, I started cooking and baking.

Weight watchers has also been a large part of my life. I have been a member since I was 16 years old. If you don’t know much about Weight watchers, here’s the basic concept: nothing is off limits, but everything has a points value. You essentially learn how to eat to be satisfied. You also learn how to satisfy cravings with healthier version of classic foods.

This challenge was especially important during my senior year of college where I lived with 3 boys who frankly had no interest in “health food.” So I created Mich Dishes– meals and snacks that tasted delicious, but were better for you than you would have ever guessed.

So what can you expect here? Well, you’ll find recipes, tips, and stories that are a part of my life now… with a picky, vegetable-wary husband and a chinchilla. You’ll find Mich Dishes… and so much more.